One book can change a life.

Imagine what six can do.

Read to Succeed was created to address the achievement gap head-on. By encouraging the crucial activity of summer reading, this innovative program helps underprivileged students to keep from falling behind in their quest for learning. Offered free-of-charge to all participants, Read to Succeed could be the first program of its kind in the nation.

By opening up new and important vistas, Read to Succeed is intended to encourage these students to truly focus on attending college. It also gives their parents the sense that college enrollment is a real possibility.

How the Read to Succeed program works.

  • Participating students are given a broad list of books, selected for them by the teachers at their schools. Each student selects six books — provided at no cost — that he/she agrees to read over the summer.
  • Upon completion of a book, the student takes an online test. To pass, the student needs to provide six correct answers to 10 multiple-choice questions. Tests are conducted at the participating school, proctored by a teacher or administrator.

  • Each student who passes all six tests is rewarded with a $1,000 account in the Rhode Island CollegeBoundfund® — the state’s tax-advantaged 529 college savings program operated by AllianceBernstein LP.
  • Three schools serving low-income, predominantly minority South Providence families are currently in the program: Bishop McVinney Elementary School, a Roman Catholic diocesan school; Community Preparatory School, an independent school; and Highlander Charter School, a public elementary school.
  • Students are eligible to enroll for five consecutive summers, adding $1,000 each year to their scholarship account, for a total of $5,000 before they enter high school. This investment, with compounding growth, provides a strong financial opportunity toward achieving their college goals.

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