Our 2016 Summer Reading Program and Five-Year Plan.

The funding we need to fulfill our mission.

Read to Succeed continues to expand as a result of your philanthropy. Our 2015 summer reading program successfully concluded with $153,000 in scholarships awarded to 4th through 6th grade students from our partner schools.

Going forward, a recently adopted five-year plan increases the size of Read to Succeed’s enrollment each year to include a new grade of students. This expansion will continue over the five-year period, so that all students from grades 4 through 8 at our partner schools will have access to this program. This will establish a higher level of operation for Read to Succeed every year, with approximately 400 Providence students participating annually.

To fulfill our bold $889,778 Five-Year Plan, Read to Succeed must raise $839,000 in college scholarship funding — along with $50,778 for the purchase of over 7,000 books for Providence students. Read to Succeed scholarships and books have lasting positive benefits, which lengthen the value and impact of your philanthropy.

To discuss charitable contributions and sponsorships, contact:
David Guertin, Jr.

Funding Our Five-Year Plan: 2013-2017
Donor levels to achieve our $875,000 goal.
Program Pioneer (1) $150,000
Continuing our commitment to the schoolchildren of Providence.
School Saints (3) $100,000
Sponsoring our three partner schools.
College Champions (4) $50,000
Sustaining the four-year goal of all our scholars.
Student Scholars (5) $25,000
Representing five years of student enrollment.
Book Barons (6) $10,000
Purchasing the six books all our scholars must read each summer.
Great Readers (8) $5,000
Helping to ensure the $5,000 reward for each scholar by the eighth grade.

Ralph R. Papitto

Ralph R. Papitto, Founder